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  • Analytics

    In the digital age of marketing, data is king, and you can’t effectively scale your efforts without it. To start, we'll take a look at whether or not your website has an analytics setup in place.

  • Social Media

    It’s never been easier to connect with your customers, but simply setting up Social Media accounts is just the beginning. At a glance, we’ll break down where you're succeeding and where your social media profiles might be lacking.

  • Digital Advertising

    The fastest growing ad-space is the Digital Ecosystem, but breaking into the realm of digital advertising can quickly become a money-pit without a comprehensive, monitored strategy. Have you gotten your feet wet yet?

  • Content Marketing

    Studies show that successful blogging has more of an impact on a site’s performance than almost anything else. We’ll grade your efforts and provide some key takeaways about Content Marketing and the future of customer acquisition.

  • Mobile Optimization

    The average consumer spends 3.3 hours per day on their smartphone. Simply put, if your website doesn’t fit on their devices' screen, you’re missing out on their business.

  • Local Search Marketing

    If you want your website to reel in more local traffic or reconnect with past customers, then you need to make sure you’re taking advantage of Local Search Marketing. Knowing how to list your business in the right databases gets confusing, so we’ll let you know where you stand!

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    Redstitch exceeded our goals with meticulous detail and expert function. They think ten steps ahead and unravel every possible scenario, making our global systems flow effortlessly. That alone is everything we needed from the site Redstitch developed, but it has also translated into sharp increases in measurable revenue. I couldn’t recommend a company more.
    Joe Klemczewski, The Diet Doc President & Founder

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We help businesses grow by connecting them with customers and generating leads through thoughtfully designed Inbound Marketing strategies.

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